I love creating beautiful images – that’s why I’m a photographer, that’s the “Why” behind my business: it’s about the photo. I obsess over color and composition, about the way the light hits my subject, about how every element in the frame works together. I love how the final image is more than the simple sum of its elements – it is the story it tells, the emotions is provokes, how it moves the viewer.

So if you want to photos that tell stories, that are emotional and compelling, let’s talk. I’d love to work with you.


Site Visit:  I like to schedule a site visit 1-2 weeks before the shoot to asses lighting conditions, advise on styling needs, create a list of props and a shot list.

Shoot:  On the day of the shoot we will work off the shot list, prioritizing natural light and moving through the rooms as the sun moves around. Images will be downloaded and inspected multiple times during the shoot to make sure we’re getting exactly what you want.

Deliverables: After the shoot the images will be creatively edited, color corrected and sharpened for optimum results. You will receive a link to an online gallery, a password and a download link. Turn-around time is 1-2 weeks after the photo shoot.